In Business, Confidence Is Everything!

Confidence is a sooo important. I mean, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? I can recall back when I was in high school selling cell phones for Airtouch Wireless (now Verizon), I would confidently tell customers that our product was the best. Best call quality, best phones, best customer service. I would often omit that our minute plans weren’t the best, but you get my point. When you not only have confidence in the product you’re selling, you also have confidence in yourself, you can’t lose.

Here’s a great example. Whether or not Donald Trump has a clue about what he talks about is open for debate. However, he speaks so confidently that one could easy fall under his spell, I mean 53 million people did. In sales, and often in any relationship building activity, the individual with the most confidence will get the attention of their target. People are attracted to confidence, which makes them easily sold on you.

On the other hand, I understand if many of you struggle with confidence, I have too at times. We’re all imperfect humans, we all have great days and off days. At times, I’ve just wanted to curl up and hide from the pressure. Yes, the pressure affects us all.

Let’s dive into where that lack of confidence can derive from. In many cases, that lack of confidence originates from our childhood. I grew up with quite a few insecurities. I was short, skinny, African-American, wore glasses (heard every Steve Urkel joke known to man), didn’t have the best clothes and grew up in an extremely religious household. And that’s only to mention a few (lol). Those insecurities made me feel like I wasn’t special. I mean, why should I expect to succeed with all these imperfections? the turning point didn’t arrive until I reached my 20’s. One day I realized that unlike many of the children at school, I did have a few things going for myself. I could always read, comprehend and speak publicly very well, I had two married parents that loved me and I never missed a meal. That’s certainly more assets than many of my classmates could account for. From that moment forward the new sentiment became, “of course I won, I’m a winner!”

I want you to begin looking at life through that identical lens. Start focusing on your assets, the things that are working well for you. Compliment yourself on your beautiful features; that test you aced, that raise you earned. Continue to believe in yourself even when you don’t. I know that’s sounds crazy, but believe me, YOU will never let YOU down. You must believe that you can conquer any task placed on your lap because you’ve conquered so much throughout your life, there’s no reason to believe that trend shouldn’t continue.

Your supreme confidence in yourself can never waiver. You must subscribe to the belief that you cannot be beaten, if you fall you will get back up and never fall again because you are special. Even when you lose, you win. Continue to tell yourself that “I am not average”, “I am special” that belief can certainly turn the tide. A famous quote from Voltaire is “The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe.” So what does that mean? I’ll tell you, if you continue to tell yourself something over and over, eventually you will begin to believe it.

Confidence is a major to key to success in life and business, a tool you do not want to leave home without.

Good luck. My fault, you don’t need luck. You’ve got supreme Confidence!

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